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Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm PST
and ask you, where are you from? >> from tennessee. >> and you came for the inauguration? >> sure did. >> where are you from? >> milwaukee, wisconsin. >> philadelphia, will you sign my book for me? >> i will, i'll come back. >> new hampshire. >> and you? >> alexandria, right here. >> and san francisco? >> great, it is a lot colder here, right? >> oh, yes, a lot colder. >> and where are you from? >> the u.s. virgin islands. >> oh, my god, people are from all over the world. >> i live in north carolina. >> awesome, and where are you from? >> from south carolina. >> from madagascar, look at this, return of the king, a big sign there that says we're so excited to be here. how are you doing? >> good. >> where are you from? >> vancouver, washington. >> are you excited to be here? >> yes, really excited to be here. >> what about way in the back? >> colgate university. >> let me grab this. >> minneapolis, minnesota. >> what is your name? >> maria. >> you have a beautiful smile. >> thank you, so much, so do you. >> you wear your sunglasses at night? >> just to do something different. >> becaus
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
. >>> the dobyns high school band, the largest high school band in the state of tennessee, one of the oldest prestigious band in the southeastern united states, performing now for the president of the united states and for us. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is the 54th massachusetts volunteer infantry regiment company b from silver spring, maryland. let's bring in our own celebrity stylist, our own alina cho, who's joining us now. you got a special guest with you, tell our viewers who you got there, carson kressley, he's a well-known tv personality. i want to know about the fashion, the style, what is going on? >> well, i know you're your own fashionis fashionista, wolf. we want to talk about what michelle obama was wearing today. of course, a lot of talk about that. the best-kept secret in fashion really. when she emerged this morning, there you see her, in the coat and dress, made by american designer thom browne. i actually spoke to him today. he said, you know, in moments like this you really are at a loss for words. but what a beautiful sight. she's wearing a j crew belt, j crew gloves. she wore j
Jan 30, 2013 1:00pm PST
, some of it from tornadoes. one death is reported in tennessee, another in georgia. right now the worst weather is crossing georgia. cnn's miguel marquez is in adairsville where there is significant damage. tell us what is going on. >> reporter: huge damage. at least one person, we understand, was killed when a building collapsed but fortunately not where i'm standing, at least not that we know of. this entire area -- this looks like it was someone's -- part of somebody's lunch that was being made is here. across the road, this is the main road in adairsville, georgia. two roads are completely destroyed. you can see the cars that are flipped over and semitrucks are flipped over as well. you can see this was a plant making heavy machinery this morning, 50 to 100 people in this thing. it is completely demolished. everyone, everyone made it out alive and fine. we talked to a couple of employees who said they hid in the bathroom and prayed and prayed but they finally were able to get out and amazingly enough, nobody was killed there. throughout this area, though, whether it's in marietta or
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
democratic congressman of tennessee. >> cooper. colin powell. >> that was jim cooper of tennessee. you don't have to be a member of the house to be elected speaker so colin powell potentially could have gotten a few votes. what did that say to you, if anything, paul? >> it sounds like jim cooper doesn't like colin powell. ari is right, it's one of the toughest jobs in america to be the house speaker. democrats clearly p want nancy pelosi to continue leading them. the republicans want speaker boehner. yeah, there were a few dep senders but i've got to tell you, the house republicans that mr. boehner leads again is a failed state. the classic definition, the kinds of places like, you know, somalia and democratic republic of congo, the type of plateses that you like to report from, that's where the house republican conference is. i looked up the textbook definition, it's a collapse of central authority, check, and inability to receive collective decision making, check. inability to provide basic public services. well, sometimes they do. i don't give them a total pass on that. inability to dea
Jan 25, 2013 1:00pm PST
the southeast. this is interesting and the coldest temperatures are across the tri-state area in tennessee. upstate sections of georgia. as a result, quite a bit of icing across the region. numerous reports of car accidents in charlotte, north carolina. the ice is moving towards the east and there is a blaze of ice on the roadways. interstates kiting across charlotte and to knoxville. oak ridge and tricities area making for extremely dangerous road conditions. here's what i was talking about with the system. breezy between 15 and 25 miles per hour. >> when can we expect the break? >> i was hoping you you would ask that. this is going to be interesting. it was in the late 1800s. 335 days with the first inch of snowfall. that was an all time record. look at this. we go to tuesday. 45 degrees and high temperature expected on tuesday. in new york, look at this. temperatures in the 50s. we go from 20s to the 50s by the middle of the workweek. we look at washington, d.c., the temperatures will be bouncing around. 63 degrees, wolf. quite a different day than what we are seeing as temperatures abo
Jan 31, 2013 1:00pm PST
, tennessee titans and seattle seahawks, davis never acknowledged that he was gay. >> the ideas of masculinity, to prove that you're tough, that notion is very present in the nfl and in the locker room. >> davis says he does not see a player coming out as openly gay and pro sports for at least a couple of years. one thing that might help that along is if more heterosexual players showed support. some of them have. one notable on the other side of the team this week, at the super bowl, brendan has spoken out strongly in recent weeks about equality of marriage. some heterosexual players coming out. >> one prominent gay activist says he should be suspended. >> that's right. an editor at "the huffington post" says for the nfl to be taken seriously when it claims to be taking on homo phobia, the league has to suspend chris culliver. he would not answer the question when we asked whether the league would suspend culliver. >> brian todd, thanks very much. looking forward to the super bowl. >>> a terrifying standoff involving a 5-year-old boy enters a third day. what will it take to get him out of tha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)